I just booked a national network Smart Car Commercial. WOOOO. Films sometime next week. :D

I booked Maroon 5’s  “Moves Like Jagger”. In the video I play a Mick Jagger dance impersonator. Super fun shoot. Jonas Akerlund directed it. 

It’s official I am an Iowest graduate and alumni. 

Some articles from my performance at coachella.

Were Kanye West’s Ballerinas The Real Stars Of Coachella?
LA Times
Hollywood Reporter 

and you can watch the videos here

Intro and Dark Fantasy
Chariots Of Fire and Runaway 
Lost In the World

I booked Kanye West’s Coachella performance!! I am going to one of his Ballet Dancers for the show. He is head lining Sunday, April 17th. I cant wait to see what it feels like to perform in front of 60,000 people :)

I just booked a nickelodeon commercial! I am going to play a teenage girl who crashes into someone while texting and walking. haha this is going to be a fun/rough shoot. hooray

I booked Transit LA’s Shoe Show. During LA’s fashion/market week. I will be showroom shoe modeling for a brand called Eileen Fisher. 

I filmed a Radiohead - Lotus Flower parody video. You have to watch the original music video first or it wont be as funny. Watch the original here and my parody here or on my work page.

Moving up to level 6 in improv class at Io west. Only one more level to go before I graduate!

BIG NEWS. I got LASIK yesterday. There are no words to explain how amazing it is to see without glasses or contacts. If you are brave enough.... you can watch the video of my surgery here

“Like Jesus” Parody is out. Check it out. Oh and I am moving to Level 5 in improv class at Io west in january. 

Last night I shot a parody music video of  “Like A G6 “except its “Like Jesus” for totally sketch. Should be out soon :)

I did a photoshoot for a candy/clothing store in beverly hills called A Sweet. The photoshoot was for their online boutique clothing store. www.asweetonline.com All the clothes were so amazing! The full catalog should be online in a few weeks. :)

Jack Guys spot with me is finally finished. Check it out on my work page or here

Finished levels 1-3 at Iowest. Starting level 4 next week!

Yesterday I filmed a directors reel for world renowned photographer Jack GUy. In the spot I am dancing and doing tricks and weird movements on a trampoline. There was a dark edgy catch to it. Its gunna be awesome. I cant wait to see the finished project. 

Im starting an improv comedy class next week at iowest!!!

Check out this justin bieber parody video where I play a girl with rabies! (soo hot right now) Rabies Video

I just booked a commercial for Weber Grill. I am going to be dancing like a crazy person for the spot. Shaun Silva is the director. 

Santa Ana, CA. Across the street from the Main Place Mall. 

I just booked a hidden camera promo for Cartoon Network. It’s for a cartoon called adventure time and I am going to play Princess Bubblegum. The best part is its going to be all real hidden camera stuff. No actors pretending to be ‘real people.’ We are going to go out and cause havoc through the streets of la. So excited! I have 4 fittings this week for my costume. 

I just booked a music video for this pop punk band called “Boys Like Girls”. The music video is going to be in 3D and also going to be cut into a samsung commercial.

The Shakira music video I am in premiered today. Check it out on my work page. P.s. my halloween costume is amazing. Halloween is the favorite day of the year! 

I booked another job this week !! It is for a Warner Brothers Movie. The film is called “The Lonely Dog” It is going to be a CGI animated film so they are using me for motion capture. Akiva Goldsman is the director.   

I just booked a music video for Shakira! Directed by Sophie Muller. 

I am in October’s issue of Lucky.

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